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You all loved last year’s blog about ‘Unusual and Original gardens‘ so with Hampton Court Palace Flower show ending at the weekend, we thought we would share some more incredible gardens from around the world and a few gems that were at Hampton Court.

We will start our journey in Andalucia, Spain at The Generalife. This stunning water garden was also once a palace, but the only parts still in use are the theatre, the plaza and the gardens, some of which grow crops. The building has undergone many transformations, mainly around the theatre, which now holds the Festival of Music and Dance of Granada.

What has brought my attention to this palace in particular is the incredible garden hedges that have been made to look like a castle’s turrets. It has repeated archways which creates a picturesque walkway along the gardens, the tall hedges form angular shadows along the paths of this Cypress tree maze. It reminds me of the grandeur gardens of centuries ago; I can imagine Alice in Wonderland carelessly skipping around the walkways gasping in awe as the Queen of Hearts lurks in the shadows.

Cypress Trees shaped like castles at The Generalife

Cypress Trees at The Generalife Andalucia, Spain

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Now imagine this – you are walking surrounded by this tall, very green, dense Cypress trees. It is dusk, the sun is setting and the shadows are elongated and stretched along the Generalife paths. You turn a corner in the maze to see these crazy pot heads.

Creative Pot headsImage sourced -


I absolutely LOVE these! An American company make these heads by hand, but I wonder if they could create a Head Planter that looked like me? What plants could be used to create some crazy curly hair? I think that StoneFace Creations have got a very unique product here and one that many people would enjoy having in their garden. It could also be a great way to get children involved with gardening, planting colourful, interesting plants in a head…it’s like styling the hair on a Barbie except the ‘hair’ grows back!

Keeping with the current theme of old gardens, we move onto ‘A Very Victorian Fantasy’, one of the show gardens at this year’s RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show that won a Silver Gilt. This intriguing garden told a tale of good versus evil, angels versus demons, dainty white flowers versus vibrant, intense darker flowers. This garden had such an eerie feel about it as you walked around, for some reason it reminded me of the Da Vinci Code film; the large willow sculptures bear down on you, and the focal point of the whole garden was the Frankenstein inspired sculpture carved from Carrera marble with bronze wings. This is such a creative and unique garden, it felt very impassioned, the use of Iresine Cheery, Hibiscus and Coleus created an almost threatening landscape for the demons, whilst it seemed the angels were trying to protect their beautiful land filled with Cosmos Purity, Ammi Majus and Cineraria Silver Dust, which contrived a magical ambience that needed to be saved from the evil clutches that reached out.

A Very Victorian Fantasy garden at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

A Very Victorian Fantasy garden at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

A Very Victorian Fantasy garden at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

We will never know the victor of that battle, however, one man who may be able to help protect the magical angel’s land and banish the demons is ‘Garden Hero’ aka Simon Webster. Special thanks must go to Ryan from who recommended we visit this bizarre garden at Hampton Court. Having seen some of Garden Hero’s work before I was quite excited to see what he would do this year. ‘Do Not Adjust Your Set’ sees a defined black and silver garden have an explosion of colour spilling out of the guts of a gigantic TV set in the middle of the garden. The contrast is stunning as it appears as though the screen of the TV has collapsed creating a pathway through the garden, either side of that is long grass with what could be described as pixels of colour. The pixels are in fact a range of wildflowers along with patches of Festuca Glauca ‘Eljah Blue’. I love this garden because of how quirky it is, you don’t expect to go to the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show and see a 2 metre square television in the middle of a garden. This is a fun, creative and most definitely unique garden that you will probably never see at a flower show again.

Garden Hero's Do not adjust your TV set

Hampton Court Flower Show Garden Hero's Do not adjust your TV set

So this is my collection of Creative and Unique gardens, but have you seen any that you think deserve to be here too? If you have feel free to share them on our Pinterest page, Flickr, Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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