Choosing a Look For Your Conservatory

By on 6th October in Home Inspiration

Today on Good to be Home we have an article from, giving us some handy tips to make your conservatory look stunning.

A well-built, stylishly appointed conservatory will add thousands to the value of your home – but to maximise the potential of your investment, careful thought will need to go into the design.

So when it comes to choosing a look for your new conservatory, make sure you consider both the bricks and mortar (or glass and timber, in most cases) and the interior design – paying attention to the fine detail such as conservatory furniture.

Lush conservatory furniture

Conservatories fall in to two broad brackets – contemporary and traditional. Traditional conservatories will often have a dwarf wall at the bottom, while modern conservatories are more often than not floor to ceiling glass.

Choosing between a modern or traditional look conservatory is really the first stage in the process, and is usually informed by the style of home you have. For example if you have an older home, a traditional look conservatory would fit more naturally with your existing architecture.

That said though, a contemporary conservatory can look truly stunning on an older building – giving it a fresh twist and a new lease of life.

Rattan furniture

If you do plan this mix and match of styles, try to incorporate some repetition of structural detail. In other words, make sure some elements of your modern conservatory nod gently to the older style of your home. This can be difficult to get right yourself (unless you’re a skilled architect) so garner the thoughts of professionals to avoid a clash of styles and a very expensive mistake!

While the conservatory structure itself can be costly, its interior design can be completed on a budget without compromising on quality.

All that’s really required – particularly if you opt for minimalist, modern architecture – is a few plants and some stylish conservatory furniture.

Rattan furniture

Rattan conservatory furniture is the most popular trend, offering a perfect marriage of luxury and comfort. The woven, wicker-like effect looks equally at home in contemporary or traditional structures – and it’s lightweight enough to carry out to the garden in the height of summer.

Conservatory furniture is available in all manner of styles, from modern, angular sofas and coffee tables to gently curved, traditional pieces that suit an older home.

Its simplicity lends itself perfectly to small, light areas, and can either be left as-is for a minimalist, chic look – or used as a blank canvas, accessorised with scatter cushions and floral throws for a more vintage look.

White cushions for a relaxing feel

Hopefully this has given you lots of food for thought on how to create you ideal Anglian conservatory. If you need more inspiration, follow the links in this blog.

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