Carbon Reduction Measures ‘Best Done During Winter’

By on 7th December in Home Inspiration

The icy cold weather is setting in, animals are hibernating, people are wrapped up against the chilly wind, but the Carbon Trust think that this time of year is the best time to modify your home to increase its energy efficiency.

The Carbon Trust believes that by installing double glazed windows during winter, you will see the immediate effects on your energy usage and bills. Winter always means higher energy bills, but with everybody having to budget more and more, these investments will save you money year after year.

If you are a landlord who is aiming to let a home after Christmas, you could benefit the most by installing energy saving improvements before the New Year. It will boost your home’s energy rating, making it a more appealing home to those who are worried about their carbon footprint. It will also mean they will feel the benefits immediately after moving in, helping ensure a long tenancy.

In November, the Department of Energy and Climate Change urged business owners to take more responsibility for reducing the carbon footprint. However, they did concede that although they want companies to focus on energy efficiency, they had to remain competitive. There is no point implementing a green plan for the company, if it is going to be a risk to the companies survival in this unstable market.

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