Can closing your curtains really save you as much money as double glazing?

By on 18th November in Home Inspiration

A recent study by researchers in Edinburgh has said that if you are living in a period property, you can save energy and money, simply by closing blinds or curtains at dusk. True, this will help, but energy efficiency is far more complex than initially meets the eye. Let’s go into this a bit further…

The Edinburgh World Heritage Trust has been using thermal imagery cameras, as Anglian recently did, to show the differences in heat loss between Edinburgh’s old towns and new towns, and how to cut these bills.

Their approach to solving the problem is pretty low-tech and costs nothing but a little bit of effort, which they claim to be highly effective. In an image shown on the BBC website, a room with the curtains closed shows up as a blue colour, as there is not a lot of heat escaping.

Now having a little bit of knowledge about the window industry, I know that closing the curtains or blinds will stop heat loss, but surely this is just curing a cause, not treating a symptom?

By closing the curtains earlier, you are losing an hour or two of natural light, so the saving is probably transferring to your electricity bill as you have to turn lights on. Maybe time to invest in more energy saving light bulbs?

Is closing your curtains really the solution?

Is closing your curtains really the solution?

It makes sense to close the curtains to keep heat in by closing the curtains, but it is not going to stop this issue altogether. Not only that most of the working community will not be at home at dusk times, for me it is dark by the time I leave the office so it’s not possible to do.

It would definitely be worth considering A-rated windows, all of ours have thermal properties meaning they can actually gain heat from the sunlight, called solar gain, as well as keeping the heat in. You could even lower your thermostat a degree or two, saving you even more money!

If you live in a period property and are thinking new UPVC windows and doors would ruin the character of your property, then again you may be being misinformed. Anglian now do a range of  UPVC and timber windows which are virtually indistinguishable from traditional designs, but benefit from all the modern innovations in the last 40 years. If you’re unconvinced why not view our brochure?

Double Glazing may be a larger one off payment, but it will be a long term problem, solved.

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