Big Energy Saving Week: What could YOU do with £1500?

By on 23rd October in Home Inspiration

Today we have a guest blog from JPCS who are recognised as a leading environmental brand within the construction industry. Their core products and services are designed to minimise the impact on the environment and prolong the life of the UK’s infrastructure. Here is their guest post about what you could spend £1,500 on to help the environment and save you money.

“A recent public opinion survey has revealed that 44 of people think there is no need for change, when it comes to the UK’s energy consumption. Yet with energy prices on the rise once again, a typical UK household could see an increase of £155 on gas bills alone, with an average rise of 22 in gas prices since November 2011.

There are many ways in which we can change our behaviour in order to reduce fuel consumption, for example, turning off lights when not in use and using a room thermostat. But, together with changes in attitudes to our energy use, there are also ways in which consumers can make more substantial changes, with a significant impact on reducing energy bills – saving up to a massive £1500 a year – whilst doing your bit for the environment:
•    Changing from a “G” rated to an “A” rated boiler – saving up to £300 a year
•    Upgrading some of your appliances to A rated – saving up to £90 a year
•    Installing insulation – saving up to £310 a year
•    Draught proofing your home – saving up to £55 a year
•    Installing a solar PV system that is eligible for the Feed-In Tariff scheme – saving up to £540 per year (including income generation)
•    Replacing all single-glazed windows with B-rated double glazing – saving up to £165 a year
•    Fitting a hot water tank jacket – saving up to £40 a year.

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Whilst these measures do involve initial outlay, they will generally pay for themselves within 1-3 years. However, do also ask about local deals: for example many local councils and energy suppliers offer free insulation, or grants for some energy efficient improvements. Look out for seasonal contractor offers. In addition, the Green Deal, which is launching in January, will also provide affordable options for the installation of energy efficient solutions in your home.

So, during big energy week, take a little time to think about the ways in which you can save energy and help reduce your impact on our environment – and also about what you’d spend your £1500 on!

Carbon reduction is good for business
Being energy efficient is also good for business. For many businesses, a 20 per cent cut in energy costs represents the same bottom line benefit as a 5 per cent increase in sales.

Being committed to working in an environmentally sustainable manner, this year, we introduced WasteWise, an employee-led “lean” programme which raises awareness and looks at ways in which can reduce waste and carbon footprint and generate efficiencies – saving energy, time and money! The programme has already led to thousands of pounds worth of savings and great initiatives suggested and operated by staff, such as wider recycling and waste segregation schemes and reducing travel.”

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