Are you prepared for Blue Monday?

By on 21st January in Home Inspiration

By now we have got over the Christmas festivities, we have returned to work and from the 1st January according to media advertising, we are been coerced into thinking about Summer holidays, diets, home projects and oh yes…coping with the remains of the winter blues, before we finally turn our minds to spring.

Today,  21 January 2013 is the third Monday in the month and is known as ‘Blue Monday‘. It’s often described as the most depressing day of the year  for its association with credit card and general bills coming through our letter boxes, following our spending before Christmas.

Anglian Conservatory

The view from a Conservatory roof, through to clear blue sky

There is a scientific formula created by Cliff Arnall, a tutor at the Further Education Centre attached to the Centre  for Lifelong Learning at Cardiff University used by mental health charities as to how they arrived at the particular date and what factors were taken into consideration before designating the date ‘Blue Monday’.

The  considerations were :-  weather conditions during the month, the level of debt (the difference between our ability to pay our bills and the debt that will still be outstanding), the time since Christmas and the lapse of the feel good factor, the time since failing our New Year’s resolutions, low motivational levels and feeling the need to take action by getting ourselves fit and taking exercise.

If you are one of the unfortunate ones who suffer on this day, we have some suggestions for lifting your mood on the worst day of the year.

Firstly just for this day, try to forget your troubles.  Other suggestions include :

– give compliments to loved ones and people you meet

– socialise and laugh with friends

– sit in the sunshine

– go for a walk

– do some exercise

– listen to music

– eat your favourite foods

but really……do anything that makes you happy and alleviates your depressed feelings on the day.

In contrast the happiest day of the year is during the month of June usually associated within a day or two of Midsummer.

So what will you plan to do on Blue Monday?

For me, I will make the effort to give compliments to loved ones and people I meet and socialise and laugh with friends. That is the best tonic!



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