Are You Confused About The Feed-In-Tariff?

By on 8th February in Home Inspiration

Are you baffled by what rate you would be getting should you install photovoltaic solar panels on your home? I sympathise with your dilemma as it has not been made crystal clear, and it is not an easy subject to get your head around.

The government recently lost an appeal at the High Court to reduce the feed-in-tariff to 21p, but they may appeal to the Supreme Court, which has held a smog of confusion over the solar industry. Well, here are some facts, which should help clear you understand the current proceedings;

1 – There is no guarantee that if you have photovoltaic solar panels installed between 12th December 2011 and March 3rd 2012, you will get the higher tariff of 43.3p.

2 – There will be no confirmation on what tariff you will be receiving until the legal process is completed. The government has 28 days to lodge an appeal with the Supreme Court.

3 – If you have had a solar installation between this period, assume you are on the lower tariff. You might end up with a nice surprise by the end of it.

4 – If you have an installation after 3rd March 2012, you will receive the lower tariff.

5 – If you have an installation after 1st April 2012, there is a high chance you will have to meet an energy efficient measure, as well as receiving the lower tariff.

Legal action was taken by Friends of the Earth and several installers, after the government decided to cut the feed-in-tariff in an ‘unlawful’ manner. The courts have so far, backed the industry, but this may change in Supreme Court. If they win their appeal it would probably mean the lower tariff would take effect from the original date of 12th December 2011. If they lose the appeal, the lower tariff would not take affect until 3rd March 2012.

I hope this clarifies the feed-in-tariff for you! If you have any questions, feel free to put them in the comment panel below.


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