Anglian’s Top 5 DIY Bloggers

By on 28th November in Home Inspiration

As a country of DIYers, we all love to see other people’s projects unfold, whether they run smoothly or not; we also do a lot of research to get advice on how we can ‘do it ourselves’. With this in mind, we thought we would share with you a number of great DIY bloggers; some are renovating their entire home, others dishing out brilliant hints and tips to help you on your home improvement quest. is a lovely website created by a lady called Claire. She is currently living in Singapore, creating her delicate, intricate and overall beautiful accessories for you and your home. As well as being able to buy her lovely creations, Claire has some great DIY blogs that show you how to make them.


FellowFellow creations
Bracelets made by Fellow Fellow.

This is a very interesting website. Their main role is connecting quality, local tradesmen with homeowners, but they also have a super blog that has tons of information about all things home improvement. As well as learning techniques to decorate your home, renovating derelict buildings and putting up a shelf, they also have celebrity guest posts, which give quality advice about their respected area of expertise.

The House of Smiths

Another brilliant website, crammed with helpful blogs about a variety of different home improvements. From pineapple teriyaki pork to a salvaged window decoration, there are so many fun and quirky ideas here that you will be spending the next few weekends jazzing up your home. I personally paid a lot of attention to this blog about making your own office desk – it had some great advice for woodwork, which I will be putting to use in the coming months as I try to make a shelving unit!

This is a fact-filled website, jam packed with information about DIY, gardens, interior design, food and much more. As well as being a website for finding reliable, trustworthy traders in your area, this blog is very insightful, fun and helpful. It is a website that will definitely help me achieve a lovely shelving unit and hopefully, it will help you on your future projects; their newly released ebook is also a great guide for beginners!

Local Traders logo

By far my most favourite blog; the designs are relatively simple and quite often small, but they can make your house feel more like a home. The ideas come mainly from Samantha Stansbridge’s own home and her subtle changes, when applied to many different areas of your home, can rejuvenate the ambience and look to every room. However, it isn’t all home improvements that Samantha focuses on. There are lots of unusual and easy to make ideas for cake toppers, pen-pot covers, stencils, bag designs and lamp shades, all of which are done as a ‘weekend project’. If you are looking for quirky, uncomplicated furniture designs, then this is a great blog to read.

This Home Sweet Home Logo

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