Anglian’s space saving tips for the modern home

By on 2nd October in Home Inspiration

If you’re struggling to find space for everything in your home and it’s starting to get the better of you, take a fresh look around to ensure you’re making the most of the space you’ve already got. Here are our top 6 tips for storage solutions to create some order in your home!

strong structure

1 Get creative with some shelving

If you have a free, bare wall, install some shelves or invest in a strong structured wall unit or entertainment centre to house books, ornaments and electronic equipment. If the room is fairly small, make sure you choose a unit that isn’t too deep. Also look for wasted space between rooms and alcoves, which is ideal for out of the way shelving.

Garage conversion

2 Who needs a garage?

If your garage is full of bits and bobs that you haven’t needed for years, you could make good use of this cold, under-used space by having it converted into a warm and habitable extra room. Banish your bikes, lawnmower and gardening apparatus to the shed and let your property live up to its full potential! If you have young children and find yourself tripping over the toys every morning, this new-found space could be ideal as designated playroom. Or if your living room is littered with papers and books from work, why not use it as a stylish home office, a quiet area where you can have total concentration.

box chest

3 Go big with boxes!

If you have lots of possessions and feel anxious if you don’t have access to them 24/7, store them out of sight so that the house doesn’t look cluttered. Invest in stack-able baskets, beautifully patterned boxes and stylish chests.


4 Get shredding

Avoid drawers overflowing with old receipts by only keeping those that are important and shredding any others on a regular basis.

house with bay window

5 Unused window space

If you have a deep bay window, build or buy a cushioned window seat that has lots of storage underneath.


6 Just sleep on it

When you next buy a new bed, look for one with built-in storage underneath so you can hide away those piles of bed linen and your winter / summer wardrobe.

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