Anglian’s double glazing comes from the greenest of sources.


In today’s industry it’s important that we manufacture in a green and ethical way but also source our materials from companies that do the same.

The Blog Team invited Susan Lambeth, Senior Product Manager from Saint-Gobain Glass, one of our main suppliers to introduce themselves and give us an insight into just how green they are;

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“Saint-Gobain Glass is one of the world’s largest glass manufacturers, and we see it as our responsibility to alter the way we work so that the environment is affected as little as possible. We can’t do this on our own, however, it is only by working with our customers – like Anglian Windows – that we can make a change for good.

Unlike many companies, we are determined that our ‘greenness’ shouldn’t be a passing phase, or something we do to win publicity. We want our ‘greenness’ to be something that we don’t have to think about – it becomes second nature. We are celebrating a certain amount of success, because our environmental policy was recognised by the Sunday Times’ ‘Best Green Companies’ for the second year running – so we must be doing something right.

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Actually, being recognised as green is the icing on the cake – much of what we do makes business sense anyway. Take recycling, homeowners are encouraged to recycle much of their waste – either on the doorstep, or the fortnightly trip to the recycling bins in the supermarket car park. Currently, there is no financial incentive for doing this, but for large companies – like ours – there are.

For example, landfill costs rose again on April 1, from £32/tonne, to £40/tonne. Therefore, it is in all our best interests to divert waste away from landfill, which is why we started a scheme to buy back waste glass from our customers. This has become self-fulfilling scheme because the more we need to meet our recycled content figure (we use 30 recycled glass in our products), the more we rely on the waste glass provided by our customers, which then puts a higher value of something that would ordinarily be classed as waste.

Similarly, the action of recycling waste glass has further benefits. For example, it uses less energy and fewer raw materials in the manufacturing process, which, in turn, produces less of the greenhouse gas CO2. Other benefits include: fewer empty lorries on the road (they drive back to our factory full with waste glass); and less raw material used, which also reduces the number of lorries on the road – one million road miles were saved last year because of this alone.

As you can see – being green makes business sense.”

For more information on Anglian Home Improvements green credentials – please see our environmental policy.

To see how you can make your home more ‘green’ with energy efficient double glazing visit our website.

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