Anglian Classic Door to be featured in New TV Series

By on 27th September in Home Inspiration

Anglian Home Improvements have been given the opportunity to present one of our products in a new series of the home improvements programme, Cowboy Builders’. The first episode aired on Channel 5 at 8.00pm on the 22nd September. Our product will be shown in Episode 2, along with several other products from different home improvement companies.

 The product featured in this show will be a York door in Black from the Classic Collection with a digital spy hole camera.  All over the country, the infamous ‘cowboy builders’ are causing destruction and distress. These careless workmen are always bad news, leaving behind them mountains of rubbish, financial misery and heartache.  

The new hosts for the programme Cowboy Builders, Sheree Murphy and Dominic Littlewood are standing up for these wronged consumers everywhere by running the cowboys out of town. Each episode focuses on the owners of one home that has suffered at the hands of deceitful workmen. It could be that they have been left with a half finished extension, an illegal loft conversion, a demolished bathroom or a gutted kitchen – but whichever way, these powerless homeowners are in dire need of help.

Cowboy Builders logo

Throughout the programme, the presenters also use their expertise to offer advice to the viewers on how to carry out a successful building project – from hiring the right firm to how to get bargains on materials. Perhaps most importantly of all, Sheree and Dom offer tips on what to do if it all starts to fall apart – and how to put it right, giving us the opportunity to go from powerless to confident, knowledgeable consumers.

Do you think we need to hire a company to do our home improvements or should we try and be more independent?

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