All Double glazing is double glazing, right? Wrong!

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Beautiful Anglian double glazing

In a market where everybody is telling you lots of different things, it is hard to decipher who has the best product and which is the best for you. If you are in the home improvement market place, you are probably spending a lot of money and want to make sure that every penny is spent in confidence that you are buying a top quality product.

In this blog, I thought I would let you into a few trade secrets, sharing what makes Anglian’s windows stand out from the crowd.

The main thing that makes Anglian’s windows unique is the fact that each and every uPVC window has its frame made in the factory in Norwich. We are one of the very few companies that manufactures our own uPVC window frames; a lot of the other companies will buy their’s in. Each profile of uPVC is tested using the most up-to-date technology to ensure it is of a high standard and will not discolour or fracture in high or low temperatures. Every single window is designed and made specifically for the aperture it is destined for; even the glass is cut to size and toughened in the factory before the windows are assembled and sent to you.

Anglian uPVC profile being made

Before the glass is put into the newly made uPVC frames it is tested in the factory and if necessary the glass is toughened. This toughened glass will obviously break at a certain force, but it is made to shatter into tiny pieces, but remain within the frame thus helping prevent injury. Safety is essential for everyone and it is at the forefront of Anglian’s work as we continue to raise the standard of our product through high quality control tests.

As Anglian manufactures all of their double glazed windows from scratch in our own factory, we are unique; no other company can replicate our product, making it one of a kind. We are also one of a few companies that can offer an A-rated window that looks identical to a B-rated window meaning you can mix and match to get the optimum energy saving solution at the optimum price.

Anglian testing glass

Security is also an essential part of Anglian’s windows; we all want a great looking window, but if it can easily be jemmied or removed, then there is no point installing it. Anglian use top of the range handles, locks and anti-jemmy devices to make sure your home is as secure as possible from attempted break-ins. We recently wrote a blog about the security features of Anglian’s windows, which included a recent bit of news about a burglar on a street in Ilford.

We want you to have confidence in our product, which is why we go to extreme measures to ensure our product is tried and tested and made to the best of our ability.  Having been around for nearly 50 years, we have built the business on repeat business and making sure the product won’t fail. This is reflected in the millions of happy customers and the fact Anglian has £2-3 billion of product under guarantee; we have complete faith in the product and that it will live up to expectations.

Anglian window frame being put together

So if you are thinking about improving your home in the not too distant future, make sure you find out what makes the product  unique and therefore better than the other products out there.

Clean and clear windows

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