9/11 Memorial Museum Opens alongside One World Trade Center

By on 22nd May in Home Inspiration

We haven’t yet covered the design of a memorial on Good to be Home, but we thought the existing ‘ground zero’ monuments deserved a mention somewhere.  While it may, at first, seem like an odd thing to cover, rebuilding the World Trade Centre site has been a very big deal in architecture and design over the past few years.

Today, the museum that accompanies the 9/11 memorial has opened, amidst some controversy from the families of the victims involved in the 9/11 disaster, as the gift shop sells items that could be seen as distasteful by some, such as rescue-dog toys, 9/11 hats and books.

According to the museum organisers, the shop and hefty $24 entry fee to the museum help fund the expensive project, and keep the $65 million per-year operation going.

The Design of the 9/11 Memorial Museum

memorial-museumArchitect Davis Brody Bond worked with Michael Arad and Peter Walker to ‘realize’ the design of the memorial. Davis has worked around NYC for over forty years, and has been involved in a lot of large projects such as the Lincoln Centre, Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the Museum of Modern Art.

SNØHETTA, an international architecture and design studio, are the designers for the museum pavilion. They are also billed to renew Times Square in NYC.

One World Trade Centre

Otherwise known as Freedom Tower, is another part of the site around the memorial and museum. This makes it sound like a small add-on, but it’s actually massive, being the tallest structure in New York since 2012, when it overtook the Empire State Building.


Tennants have reportedly been moving in to the building since January this year, but it will officially open in the next few months.

If you’ve visited, or have comments on the memorial or museum, please let us know!

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