4 Energy Saving Products You Should Invest in this Year

By on 16th January in Home Inspiration

Here at Good to be Home, we’re always on the lookout for the latest technology that can reduce our carbon footprint and help save you money on your energy bills. We’ve put together a list of products you should think about investing in this year to try and change the impact you have on the world.

You may not be able to change the world by yourself, but new Smart Home technology can help change your own little world!

Smart Home Systems

This is the future of all homes, from Apple’s Homekit, Google’s Nest┬áto Amazon’s Echo, they are all able to control features within your home. The energy saving aspect of this comes with the ability to control your thermostat, lighting and electrical switches, meaning you only heat your home when you’re in, lights are only on in rooms you are and switches will turn off when not in use!


One big difference between Amazon’s Echo and Apple and Google’s offering is the voice control. Alexa, the AI within Echo, is your personal assistant, learning your habits, speech patterns and more to give you a personalised service.

Alexa can turn on music for you, help you with simple searches online, check train times and even order a takeaway from Just Eat. It truly is a unique gadget.

Smart LED Lightbulbs

LED lightbulbs are great at reducing your energy consumption, especially when changing them from old bulbs and tubes. The light is brighter, they last longer and they tend to be between 80-90% more efficient.

Combine this with your Apple, Google or Amazon technology and you’re in full control of your home, only using the lights when needed.

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Smart Appliances

The majority of electrical goods now come with an energy rating, so if you’re looking for a new TV, refrigerator, microwave or washing machine, ensure you get an eco-friendly one. The most efficient appliances are A+++ rated, whilst the lowest score is a D rating.


Things to look out for when buying a new appliance:

  • The energy rating on 2 differently sized appliances may be the same, but they will use different amounts of energy. A larger appliance will use more energy.
  • Check how much the annual cost for an appliance will be – the higher rating doesn’t ensure you’ll spend less, although it will be efficient.
  • Time delay features are great if you have cheaper electricity at certain times of day. Schedule your washing machine or dishwasher to do it’s job during these cost-effective hours.
  • If your appliance has different modes, check how much they use each year too. The energy label will show the most efficient modes over the course of a year. If it’s not a mode you’d use often, it may not be the best appliance for you.

New windows & Doors

Draughty and inefficient windows and doors could be costing you a fortune every year. You’re literally throwing money out of the window by trying to keep your home warm and comfortable, but the cold invading your home will make it an expensive battle.

Combat it with new A++ rated triple glazed windows and A rated composite doors. They will prevent as much heat escaping, stop draughts and provide you with better security and sound insulation!

Again, with windows and doors, there are energy labels, so whichever company you look to go with, have a good look at their energy labels and ratings.

Triple glazing window

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If you know of a great energy saving product coming out this year, let us know on Facebook or Twitter and we can feature it on Good to be Home.

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