38 Years on From The First Mobile Phone

By on 11th April in Home Inspiration

Can you believe that on April 3rd 1973 the first call from a mobile phone was made?! Most of us nowadays struggle to live without a mobile phone and the youth of today will not even remember the first round of mobile phones that were as big as a house brick.

Martin Cooper, general manager for Motorola took a prototype mobile phone out onto the streets of New York City, and made the first ever mobile phone call. The reaction he got was, unsurprisingly, a baffled one. People passing by didn’t know if this was a prank or if Martin was even sane as he strutted round the streets talking to various reporters and competitors.

Baring in mind, at this time there was no such thing as cordless phones, let alone a phone you could use walking around anywhere!

His first phone call was to Dr Joel S Engel who was his rival at Bell Labs phone company, in developing the first mobile phone. Mr Cooper phoned his rival simply to break the news of Motorola’s astonishing development. He then told reporters and even let them use it to verify this was really happening.

The device weighed 2.5 lbs and when it was released to the general public it would cost a huge £2,170 to buy…not an amount I would ever consider parting with on a mobile phone! Although the phone was first used in 1973, it wasn’t until 1984 that phones were ready to be used commercially.

It’s strange to think that nearly 38 years ago the first mobile phone was used, was the size of a brick, needed a battery pack, and could only do one thing – Phone people.

My old and current phone

Now, you buy a phone that can call, text, take pictures, video, email, browse the internet and now even do your shopping! Oh how technology has come on. Most people I know are now on smart phones which is basically a mini computer giving you access to all sorts of applications. You can now see most websites in full glory from your phone, including Anglian Home Improvements, to do research into companies, do the food shop or even order a chinese.

I find it strange to think of living without a phone now, I can’t imagine what my parents got up to when they were bored? Is life better with mobile phones?

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