£20 to Drive The Length of Britain!

By on 21st June in Home Inspiration

To drive a typical family vehicle from John O’Groats to Lands End would cost you in the region of £138 in fuel alone, but in the new Tesla Roadster you can do it for as little as £20!

Kevin Sharpe, founder of charity Zero Carbon World, was the man making the gruelling 894 mile trip, doing so stopping only 6 times in a total of 36 hours.

This is the first time an electric car has completed this journey, and Kevin hopes this will encourage the use of electric vehicles to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Each charge got 200 miles out of the car which travelled an average speed of 70mph. Each charge cost in the region of £3-£4 at the public charging points. The 6 stops made were at Aviemore and Kirknewton in Scotland, Durham, Nottingham, Birmingham and Taunton before he finished in Lands End.

Rough Route of the Tesla

Mr Sharpe said, “We thought this was the perfect way to make people aware of the network.”

Zero Carbon World has set-up 9 public charging points across the UK in hotel car parks, which give you the choice of a 3 hour charge or an 8 hour overnight charge using a 70 amp plug. You are only charged for the amount of electricity you use, maybe one day it will be incorporated into your hotel costs?

The Tesla Roadster currently costs about £86,000 brand new, but hopefully in the coming years they will manage to get the cost down to a more reasonable price. Once the cost of one of these green machines is low enough, I think they will take off and become the mainstream car for personal travel. If this happens then we increase the chances of our country becoming a more eco-friendly place.

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