10 Things you should know about the Shangri-La Hotel in The Shard, London

By on 14th May in Home Inspiration

London’s newest and most fancy hotel has finally opened at the top of the dizzying and shiny building that is The Shard. The Shangri-La Hotel has kindly provided us with some facts and photography of their most impressive hotel yet.

There are fairly conventional things we can expect when looking at a hotel, so, to set it apart from the rest, here are some thing you may not know.

1. The hotel runs from the 34th to 52nd floors of The Shard.


2. The elevator takes 28 seconds to reach the lobby from the busy London street below.


3. GŎNG, The champagne and cocktail bar on the top floor is the highest bar in the country.


4. TĪNG restaurant, located 128 metres up on the 35th floor, has a 360 degree view of London. The name translates from Chinese to ‘living room’.


5. There are over 30 different teas available in the restaurant.


6. There are 202 rooms available, although only 59 were available on opening.


7. The room with the best views of London costs a tidy £3,250 per night.


8. Each room comes with a pair of binoculars.


9. Popular interior designers Steve Leung (34th to 50th floor) and Andre Fu (52nd floor) worked on the project together.


10. There has recently been some controversy over the glass-heavy design: guests can apparently see reflections of the other rooms in the glass windows. Blinds have been added.


Image from the Financial Times

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