Creating a unique garden scrapbook

By on 18th September in Guides

I am known by friends and family for always taking photographs of special family events, views, locations and the odd silly picture that catches my eye.

Since I started blogging I have become even more conscious of taking photographs that I can use in blogs.  This got me thinking about the pictures I have taken of the plants that have grown and flowered during the seasons in my garden.

I thought it would be nice to keep a permanent reminder of the garden through the seasons of a year, press flowers, and keep a record of any changes, additions, successes or failures in the garden during that time.

So I decided to create a scrapbook.  Here are a few tips that may help you to put your own garden record together.  Firstly :-

–    Select a nice scrapbook that you would like to write and stick your pictures in.

August 2013 026

–    If the pages are coloured, select a contrasting colour ink pen that will stand out on the page and will display your photographs well.
–    Add other items to your pages, like seed packets that you have decided to grow, advice and tips that have helped you grow your plants successfully or plants that have not been so lucky to survive in your garden
–    Decide on the way you want to display the details, whether it is randomly added to the page or in a more formal layout.
–    Add little clippings from magazines that may have inspired you to make additions and changes to your garden.
–   Sketch your garden out and add the plan to the scrapbook
–   If you enjoy painting, why not add your own pictures.
–   Keep a record of plants that you have added to your garden and their progress
–   Learn how to press your favourite flowers to add to the pages
–   Keep a record of projects that you have carried out or would like to do in the garden.

August 2013 023

As for my garden, here are a few pictures I will be adding that go through the seasons from Spring through to mid summer.

Flowers 2013 004

Always said to be one of the first signs of spring, Snowdrops.


A beautiful Clematis


For me this year the overriding success has been my grape vine. I have tended it lovingly in the hope that it produces wonderful bunches of grapes for eating, unfortunately I don’t think enough to make wine.


A pretty  pink Hollyhock, which has proved elusive to grow in the past.  Here a Bumble Bee is collecting pollen.

Conkers 003

A tree fern, which this year has been reluctant to grow, compared to last year.  Perhaps I need to change his location in the garden of feed him more?


The successes this year in my garden have been the roses, in pinks, reds and yellows.  They have bloomed like never before and have been a complete delight to look at and catch their delicate scent on the breeze.

Chestnut tree

The Chestnut tree in full bloom

All these things pictures for me make for a really interesting potted history of the garden and something to look back on in future years.  I have really enjoyed putting this scrapbook together and it has given me an added insight into my garden.

We hope that you have fun putting together the story of your garden.  If you would like to share any pictures or suggestions with us, please send them through to [email protected] or pin to our ‘Gardens’ board on Pinterest.

Happy snapping, sticking and pinning!

Images from Claire Middleton

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