Transform your Garden Shed into Something Magical

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A shed is a great place to store garden tools, your children’s bikes and various odds and ends that have no home in your house.

But, it can also become so much more than a storage area. With a few innovative design changes, you can transform your shed into a space for work, rest or play!

Turn Your Shed Into…

A Child’s Fantasy

Gardens are great places for our children to play in and explore. Most parents want their children to spend more time outside in the fresh air and getting plenty of exercise so turning your shed into a children’s play area could be the perfect solution.

When designing a shed for children, you can really let your imagination run wild, and change the outside as well as the inside.

Look at how you can make your shed into somewhere your child will want to spend time. Colour is very important, as well as ensuring any changes you make are safe for little ones. If you add a balcony or swing, ensure you have the proper fixtures and railings in place.

You should also allow your child a say in what design they end up with. Ask them about colours, fabrics and let them add their own pictures or paintings so that it feels like they helped create the space.

Children's playden

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An Exotic Getaway

Fully insulated, waterproof and extremely stylish, a thatched roof on your shed can turn it into an amazing feature for your garden.

Because of the unique way it is created, a thatched roof can be fitted to virtually any shape and style of building and it creates a wonderfully rustic look, even if you live miles away from the countryside.

It’s the little touches that will make this structure come alive. Exotic locations are all about being somewhere completely different to home, so look around for cushions, fabrics and rugs that are styled by different cultures. African art is beautiful and is often made from treated wood so it will survive being outdoors all year round.

Thatched roof shed

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A Beachside Retreat

While the rustic, natural look is good for some gardens, a splash of colour is never a bad thing. Some people want to make their garden sheds stand out as the main feature of their garden and a beautifully bold colour is the perfect way to achieve this.

Experiment with different contrasts, such as yellow and dark blue, to get the full effect and continue the theme with colourful hanging baskets and window boxes.
Really delve into the style in order to accurately replicate the beach style.

Use deckchairs instead of folding chairs and grab yourself a colourful beach umbrella for additional shelter when the weather turns.



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A Professional Office Space

Converting your garden shed into an office can be invaluable for home-based workers.

It gives you a separate space away from your main house in order to maintain a proper working environment and allows you to meet potential clients in a professional setting.

It is best to hire a professional electrician to fit your lights and power sockets, rather than attempt it yourself. The cables and wires will need to be properly fitted to protect them from the elements and exposure.

Also, remember to include plenty of natural light. Remove an entire wall if you can and replace it with glass instead – a stand-alone conservatory type building would be ideal. When you’re tucked away for hours on end working, the last thing you’ll want is to feel that you’re stuck back in an office cubicle.


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Your Holiday Home

You can use your garden shed to create an entirely new space for you and your family to enjoy. If you have the space in your garden, you can convert your garden shed into a summerhouse.

Perfect for summer evenings, family barbecues or curling up with a good book, a summerhouse can become whatever you need it to be.

Your holiday home should become a place that has all the comforts of home but with easy access to a sunny deck or hot tub! You can have jacuzzi spas installed in virtually any garden these days, or even get an inflatable one for easy storage!

Comfortable sofas, a mini fridge stocked with drinks and a music system will create a relaxed and entertaining area for you to unwind in.


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And Finally…

This is a writer’s ultimate shed!

If you’re more concerned with turning your shed into something truly original, you can always follow in the footsteps of this Derby gentleman and recreate a piece of history in your own garden shed.


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