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By on 11th December in Eco Living, Garden

In October, we ran a competition as part of Big Energy Saving Week where you could win an energy saving pack for sending us some energy saving tips. Well, one of our lucky winners has kindly given us a day by day diary of her usage and how it has changed her lifestyle. So, have a read of Mrs Energy Saving’s blog below and let us know any further tips you may have.

Mrs Energy Saving energy pack

Day One

Today I started using the energy saving monitor that I received from Anglian Home Improvements after winning their energy saving pack. I found that it was very easy to set up – all I had to do was put the connector on to my electric meter, turn on the display and wireless connector and away we go! The Current Cost Envir Energy Monitor senses energy levels through measuring the magnetic field surrounding the wire it is clamped to. This magnetic field varies with the amount of power use. The display is really simple to read so I know straight away what I am using. I’m quite intrigued to see how the week goes!

Day Two

After the first day of just monitoring my energy usage, today I am going to try to lower it. Working for Find Energy Savings I like to think of myself as quite an eco-friendly person. However, with the energy monitor I’ve become slightly obsessed with watching the display to see how much energy I am using, and then going round the house to see what has been left on. My children are probably the worst culprits for leaving lights or their games consoles on. I’m using the smart meter as an incentive for everyone in the house to do their part to save energy. If we are all made aware then it isn’t hard to take action. By the end of the day (and my nagging) I can see that the amount of energy my household has used is less than yesterday.

Day Three

Today I have noticed that there are even more items dotted around my house that I could switch off after use; these are normally things you don’t tend to think about.  In my home these were our electric toothbrushes, iPod chargers and broadband router. When not in use it is important to turn appliances and electrical items off at the plug. It sounds very straightforward, but it is surprising how much you can forget. The home energy monitor has made me realise this.

Day Four

As with yesterday I have taken to doing little things around the house, which I think is vital – added up, they make a big difference! Some more handy tips are not to boil the kettle with more water than you need, it is just a waste, turn lights off as you go and do not put half loads in the washing machine.

Day Five

By 2020, it is predicted that every home in the UK will have a smart meter with the result hopefully being more accurate billing and easier switching between suppliers. I think this is such a good idea as I’m finding so many easy ways to reduce my energy usage and I can see the results for myself!

I have noticed that the home energy monitor is making me shut down my computer and unplug my phone charger if I am not using them. If people cannot see how much they are wasting they are unlikely to do anything about it. We all need to do our part in order to reduce the impact we have on the environment.

Day Six

Today I’m ashamed to say once I was home alone I watched the monitor go up and down while I wondered what it was doing! I noticed that while my TV was switched off, the DVD player was still on standby. It is important to check that appliances are turned off at the plug if you can. I found that a handy tip to do before bed was to check the usage on the display then run around unplugging things!

Day Seven

This is my last day of keeping a record of my energy usage with the monitor. It has come been very helpful to reduce my household energy. For example it alerted me to the fact my fridge is getting a bit old now and is not as efficient as I would like, as older appliances tend to be. I am now thinking of investing in a more energy efficient fridge.

I have become aware that you can become slightly fixated on how much energy you are using with the smart meter, but once you get into the routine of checking the monitor maybe just once a day and changing your habits, I believe that a difference can be made. You just have to make sure everyone else in your household is doing the same!

For more energy saving tips or information on alternative energy please take a look at my blog or follow @MrsEnergySaving on Twitter.

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