Landscaping a Large Garden: what do you do with all the space?

By on 27th February in Garden

If you have a large garden, it can be difficult to know what to do to make the most of the space to get the best use out of it and to make it as appealing as possible.

A good design is really important for achieving this to avoid the temptation of positioning bits and bobs everywhere in a more chaotic fashion. When facing a challenging landscape like this, getting the plan right in terms of layout and features will be hugely helpful.

There are countless landscaping companies out there who argue that their designs and ideas are superior, but what about if you go it alone? When armed with the right knowledge, we certainly think so. Here are some hints and tips to remember when getting started on this venture.


Think about the atmosphere you want to achieve

People use their gardens for different things, and the use will no doubt have a huge impact on the appearance and what is included in the garden. For example, if you have children and want somewhere for them to play safely, you will of course want a hardwearing and sustainable lawn area.


Look for inspiration

The best way to establish an idea of what you want – and how to achieve it – is to look for examples of gardens that you love. Have clear things in mind when researching and consider whether you can make the features work in your own garden. Look for trends in garden landscaping that are either traditional or contemporary to suit your property.

Work it to suit your house

The garden is as important an aspect of the home as any other, and it should be landscaped effectively to ensure it feels this way, rather than just a patch of land attached to your house. Aim to replicate the feel of your home in your garden, especially if you have a conservatory or orangery, to aid the flow and harmony of the space. Work with the lines of the building, and soften them with a curved lawn and borders. Aim to use similar colours when it comes to things like garden furniture and even flowers and plants to those in the house if possible, too.


Consider maintenance aspects

Hundreds of intricate flower beds, a 5 tier water feature and a pond that rivals the Lake District will no doubt be attractive, but it’s definitely worth thinking about how easy (and likely) it will be for you to maintain. Don’t be afraid to keep things simple if you are strapped for time – or just not particularly green fingered – with straightforward features like plant islands which are condensed and therefore much easier to look after. Mix-matching different colours and textures of plants and flowers can do most of the hard work for you in terms of aesthetic appeal whilst being simple to look after; using a variation can look much more intricate than it actually is.

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