Fuel Poverty Effects 6.9 Million – Is It Making You Sick?

By on 3rd January in Eco Living, Garden

Winter has taken hold of the country, snow has shown its fluffy white face, Jack Frost is spreading his little fingers across our windows, doors and conservatories giving the UK a silvery sparkle, but we should all be sure to stay warm this Winter to avoid getting ill.

I am currently sat at my desk with a stinking cold, so it is quite ironic, but with 6.9 million people living in fuel poverty, a cold is the least of our worries. Should babies, children or the elderly be living in fuel poverty in the UK during 2011. Not being able to afford aequate heating puts everyone at a greater risk of catching deadly illnesses such as hypothermia.

Colds are rife in Winter

Hypothermia occurs when the core body temperature drops below 35°C and babies, children, the elderly and people who are ill are more at risk of suffering from this life threatening illness. We as a country need to combat this and make sure we are ALL wrapped up warm during these icy winter months.

A recent survey commissioned by Anglian Home Improvements discovered that 3 of people were not going to turn their heating on until December! I hope these people were getting out lots of blankets and have an open fire to keep them warm, because they are putting themselves potentially at a greater risk of catching something nasty. Keeping your home at 18°C at least is essential to ensure you stay fit and well throughout this winter.

If you want to help your home stay warmer over winter without using lots of energy, installing energy efficient windows and doors could be a great measure for you to take. Improving your homes heat retention means your heating can be used less, and with Anglian’s A-rated EcoGain windows you can save money on your bills and stay warm, preventing any nasty illnesses taking hold.

Recent figures show that 1 in 5 over 65’s lives alone, and 1 in 3 are worried that their heating will break down this winter, which has spurred the AA to call for a return of community spirit, helping to make sure the vulnerable members of society have access to heat. As pension pots continue to deplete and fuel bills are rising, the older members of the community could be without vital energy efficiency measures. Alarmingly though, 31 of older people don’t know their neighbours, which shows the massive cultural changes from the 1950’s & 60’s where everybody on a street were friends.

This winter, help a neighbour, friend or relative out if you think they are at risk of fuel poverty. With such a large amount of people in fuel poverty we need to come together as a community and make sure everyone stays fit and healthy during this cold time of year. On a personal note, does anyone have any tips for me to get better?

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