Garden Furniture Care and Maintenance

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Today, we are lucky enough to have an article from Garden Furniture Centre telling us their hints and tips to look after your outside furniture.

When you have invested in high quality garden and patio furniture, you’ll understandably want to keep it in tip top condition.

Sure, some wooden garden furniture looks better with age, but it still needs a small amount of looking after!

Key to garden furniture care is keeping things covered.

Garden furniture covers are available for all manner of products – barbecues, garden benches and patio heaters to name just a few. Perfect for protecting your garden furniture, covers are durable and weatherproof, shielding your investments from the wind and rain.

Bench cover

Of course many items of wood and rattan garden furniture will be pre-treated to protect them from the elements, but continued exposure to rain will, over time, reduce the effect of this treatment. And of course, in the case of barbecues or other items of metal patio furniture, the setting in of rust is a distinct possibility without a cover.

Even when your garden furniture is safely stored away in the garage or shed for winter, it’s still highly recommended to use garden furniture covers.
This is particularly important for patio furniture with working parts – such as a gas barbecue or patio heater. If these items are stored away without a garden furniture cover, spiders and other small insects may be able to crawl in and take up residence in the pipes and hoses. A build up of dust or leaves can cause a similar blockage, which could prove dangerous when the barbecue is brought back into use next summer.


So, while they may not be as glamorous as a rattan daybed, garden furniture covers are certainly a fundamental part of the alfresco lifestyle! Relatively inexpensive, they are an investment you shouldn’t miss out on.

Garden furniture maintenance

Of course, while almost all garden furniture is low maintenance, there are a few simple steps you can take to keep things in peak condition. Wooden items like garden benches and teak garden furniture can, in particular, benefit from a little extra love and attention.

Picnic bench

So, in addition to using garden furniture covers when they are not in use, you may also want to take advantage of some of the excellent wood treatments available on the market today. These treatments will help the natural colour of your teak garden furniture shine through, while also adding an extra layer of rain resistance – an unfortunate necessity given the unpredictability of the British climate.

Wing Chair

Look for wood treatments that match the material of your garden bench or picnic table, and always apply it exactly according to the manufacturer instructions. Maintained regularly, there’s no reason why high quality wooden garden furniture wouldn’t last you a lifetime.

Cube set


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