Garden ER – ‘Wow Factor’ Experience

By on 6th July in Garden

So, as we should all know by now Anglian Home Improvements are bringing you a new gardening TV programme called Garden ER on Channel 5. The Anglian blog team have been out and about on some of the build sets to get a feel for the show and see how these beautiful creations take form.

We started the day bright and early as the drive from Norwich to Birmingham is a long one, but we arrived in good time to see how day 2 of the second two ‘Wow Factors’ were coming on. When we pulled up into a typical housing estate we were greeted by a skip, lots of vans and gazebos in the front garden, along with the friendly faces of David Domoney and the crew.

Some of the Garden ER Team

There was a beautiful array of flowers in many vibrant colours all ready to play their part in the two transformations. We wasted no time in getting a tour of the gardens, especially as David is so enthusiastic about his work and couldn’t wait to show us his progress.

I cannot say too much for obvious reasons, but from what David told us he has planned and the props and plants we saw, this is going to be a stunning pair of gardens!

There were approximately 3 times as many crew members as the ‘Pimp my shed’ makeover, but it had the same bouncy atmosphere. It was a noisy day with lots of different smells floating in the summer breeze, from cement, burning wood and paint to fresh timber, flowers and fresh coffee. Such a random mix of fragrances was enough to make your head spin like the cement mixer.

Burning wood

The filming was ongoing throughout the day, but because the gardens were next door to each other, there were a few issues. One being when one garden is being filmed, people in the other garden have to be as quiet as a mouse, preventing work being done. This dilemma was met with some friendly banter between the 2 directors, Lynda and Paul, who were challenging each other to get the most clips for the show. Nothing like a bit of rivalry to make the day more fun.

David on set

Just as the day seemed to be running smoothly, things took a turn for the worse, firstly with the electricians having fears of tripping the house alarm when setting up a pump. With the tenants away for the 3 day build it could have gone terribly wrong. Despite the electrician’s fears, they carried out the job perfectly with no hiccups along the way.

Where will these flowers be going?

The next problem to occur was the fence paint being the incorrect colour for David’s plan, so it had to be changed quickly or risk slowing the job down further!

Although it was a stressful hour with certain jobs being more time consuming than others, the team retained the good spirits. The following couple of hours were much more relaxed and productive, with people working hard and everything going to plan…at last!

Luke cutting wood

David’s co-presenter, Bonnie Davies turned up giving us the chance to finally, have a chat and get an interview for you guys and girls to see on the Garden ER website!

Bonnie was a lovely lady, very down to earth, bubbly and knew her plants and gardening techniques well, even giving me some new skills by teaching me how to plant flowers in pots, something I have never done before. She was not shy of work either, diving in on the action as soon as she arrived.

The day itself felt quite manic, with people rushing around, and the set being much bigger than the ‘Pimp my Shed’ build, but in spite of the size difference David was a TV professional, working hard to get the job done perfectly and give us time to have exclusive chats and tours of the garden.

David on 2 phones at once!

I am now getting really excited for the launch of Garden ER and hope you all tune in and enjoy watching it as much as I have enjoyed taking part in the programme.

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