Tweeting Whilst Watching the Telly

By on 28th March in Fun

Ever heard of Social TV? If not then you will soon, due to a new generation of TV viewers. Social TV is basically a combination of TV and social networking.

Tweeting Whilst Watching TV

Social TV is being described as one of the next big things, but in reality people are struggling to know what they would do with it. There are limited ways of interacting with content. There hasn’t really been much blending of TV content into social media yet, but it soon will be.

If people’s predictions are correct, you could soon see Social TV as a moderntake on gathering round your TV to watch your favourite shows on a Saturday night with a lovely takeaway!

To help back this up, Digital Clarity (a marketing agency) performed a study recently which showed that 80 of people, who were under the age of 25, were communicating with friends whilst watching TV and using a social network at the same time. I’m guessing these figures are representing females mainly as I have yet to come across a man who can multitask. 😀

TVNZ, a media site in New Zealand, are promoting a new youth channel which cleverly integrates Facebook to make a new type of interactive entertainment and music show.

Remember the days of Live and Kicking or SMTV Live, when you had to either write or ring in? Imagine that same format, but rather than writing a letter and calling in and spending £1.50 on calls per minute, you could do it through a social network, for free! I reckon Tiswas would have been a whole lot different if the Internet and Twitter had been invented back then!

Twitter co-founder, Dick Costolo, who spoke at the Mobile World Congress, claimed that the search for a second screen was over. “That second screen is Twitter!

They hope that the conversations which start on Twitter will carry on and will be shaped by a variety of TV executives. Whether this will alienate tweeters however, is debateable.

A member of the Twitter’s media partnership team called Robin Sloan, told of a large broadcasting station that had notice they saw huge spikes in traffic when particular shows were on, anything from soap operas to reality shows.

It’s remarkable because the Twitter conversation will be going along a few tweets here and there and as soon as a new episode premieres or the Oscars start or a game kicks off, the tweets per minute skyrocket and we see it multiply 10, 20, 50 times and it stays like this until the show ends.” He said.

At the moment, Twitter is basically a free service, just like any other social network site where you don’t have to pay to use. However they do have promoted tweets, which businesses pay to have their Tweet comments to become automatically raised. This is one of the main current revenue sources for the firm.

Looks to me  that Twitter could soon be taking over the world and become a part of how we live!


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