The History of the Anglian Knight

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George Williams founder of Anglian Windows

George Williams, founder of Anglian Windows

Anglian Home Improvements have had the Knight in their logo since they first began trading in 1966. It is a symbol of pride, reliability, protection and leadership it has become the identity of the brand. The big question is ‘why is he in our logo?’ I have been digging into the Anglian archives and talking to members of staff who have been with the company for many years to find out  more about the Anglian Knight.

George Williams, the founder of Anglian Home Improvements, decided upon having the Knight in the logo for his new double glazing company, Anglian Windows. Living in East Anglia, George had become fond of the Knight used by Anglia Television, which happens to be based on a statue of Richard the Lionheart; George decided this would be perfect to represent Anglian. Here is one of the first logos created using the Anglian Knight;

Wimbledon Showroom open

This is the Wimbledon showroom.

An Anglian Windows Centre in the 80's

Here is an Anglian Windows Centre from the 80s

Williams was building a firm that people could trust, a company that is reliable and producing a product that protects your home from the elements. The Knight was a figure that portrayed all of these values beautifully and so he became the leading icon for the Anglian brand.  The company started to tie in the names of their products with the Anglian Knight: White Knight is the colour of our PVCu windows; Royal Knight represented dark woodgrain; Excalibur and Camelot have been names for our aluminium range of windows; Dual Knight was representative of our dual coloured windows and we also did a range of windows called Castle, which have since been discontinued.

sliding Anglian window product

A sliding Anglian window

It was not just products that were tied into the theme of the Knight; employees were rewarded for 10 years of service with a gold Knight tie pin, although this stopped quite a few years ago. The incentive was changed from the tie pin to a branded carriage clock,  a small reward for being a loyal worker.

Anglian gold tie pin

An Anglian Knight gold tie pin; it is very small which is why the picture is a bit blurred.

The Anglian Knight has had many different looks and he had a complete makeover in 1997; the old Knight had become dated, he needed to be brought into the present and since then he hasn’t changed very much. In 2006 the Knight disappeared for a short period, but he returned stronger and more prominent than ever, brandishing the ‘Raising the Standard’ slogan with him, communicating Anglian’s brand promise more clearly than ever before.

Anglian Home Improvements logo

In recent years he has starred on numerous different adverts of the last decade and featured in the sponsorship of ‘The five o’clock show’ running to the sofa to watch the programme as it began. Most recently he was featured in the Anglian weather ident.

Anglian sponsored the weather, with the Anglian Knight making a snow angel


There is also a football team in Norwich called the Anglian Knights that is run by employees of the home improvement company.

Anglian Knights team photo

The Anglian Knights in their away kit – picture taken earlier in the season.

The Knight has been the lead figure for Anglian Windows for over 45 years, bringing with him a bold, confident, trustworthy reputation. What memories do you have of the Anglian Knight or any other classic logos? We would love to hear your stories about the Knight, so please feel free to comment below.

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