One of The Warmest Years, But Coldest Winter!

By on 7th January in Fun

Last year was one of the warmest since records began, but it is the coldest winter since records began 100 years ago!

Met office figures show that the UK’s December average was a bitterly cold -1ºC, compared to the last coldest December which was -0.1ºC, making it the coldest calendar month since February 1986. The 100 year average for December is 4.2ºC, a lot warmer than last month!

Although it has been the coldest month, it has been a surprisingly sunny, dry one too. With a third less snow or rain falling than predicted, consequently it is the third driest in history, with the country being exposed to the sun for 40 longer than average.

A Robin in snowy December

The coldest day of December was the 1st, where in some parts of the country it plummeted to -8.7ºC. When its that cold I just hate getting out of bed!

These low temperatures have put many homes at risk of burst pipes and high energy bills. Making sure you home is well insulated, has energy efficient double glazed windows and doors plus draught excluders to help ensure your property is efficient and warm during these cold times is paramount. Especially as more snow is expected in the coming weeks!

A dusting of 3-5 inches of snow is expected to lay across Wales and parts of the UK tonight, which has the potential to slow everyone down tomorrow.

The Met Office hasn’t released it’s global figures yet, but a University in the US claims it to be the second warmest year since the satellite record began in 1979, albeit by 0.01ºC.

Let’s hope it starts to get warmer soon because I am sick of feeling cold now, I would like to enjoy some warm, sunny weather in the UK this year please.

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