On The 21st Day Of Christmas…

By on 22nd December in Fun

Cheese board

Get in a cheeseboard and some crackers.

Just when you thought you couldn’t eat anymore food out comes a delicious board of cheeses from across the world.

This is possibly my favourite part of the day as you don’t feel obliged to eat it all, but can simply a pick at it for as long as you want!

My personal favourite is Wensleydale with apricot, its smooth and fruity, they complement each other wonderfully.

There is such a wide variety of cheese out there, take your time to find a selection that will be a hit with you and your guests, but just be sure not to get Casu marzu.

Casu marzu is an Italian cheese made from goat’s milk, which is fermented for so long that live insect larvae live inside it. These larvae are introduced deliberately to add to the texture and flavour of the cheese. Some remove the 8mm insects before they eat it, others don’t.

Not something I will be trying anytime soon!

John’s joke for today.

What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?


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