On The 18th Day of Christmas…

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Nice Roast Turkey

Time to buy the Christmas Turkey or meat.

Possibly the most vital part of the Christmas dinner is the meat, so if you haven’t ordered your turkey you may struggle to get a fresh one.

However, turkey may be the tradition, but it is a relatively new tradition as goose many years ago used to be the main source of meat. A Christmas dinner nowadays is essentially a roast dinner with extra trimmings, but before the nineteenth century it used to be a feast of mince meat pie.

The humble turkey was introduced to the UK by Spain and didn’t really take off as the main source of meat until Charles Dickens, a Christmas Carol was released. Ebenezer Scrooge set the trend by giving a turkey to Bob Cratchet in 1843.

Turkey is great for a roast dinner, but what alternative is great at Christmas for vegetarians?

Apart from replacing the meat with a soya, quorn or tofu version, why not try a nut roast?

If you want to experiment, but not with a roast dinner, why not try making vegetarian lasgne? Jamie Oliver has some great recipes on his website for this.

As everybodies preferences are different and you happen to have the misfortune of catering for somebody who doesn’t like meat, then fish is a brilliant alternative and can be served with some of the traditional roast vegetables, especially if you do mediterranian vegetables.

This may sound crazy, but a couple of years ago at Christmas I Barbequed rainbow trout in foil, keeping it simple by seasoning with lemon juice and mixed herbs.

I know it may be snowing outside, but if you have an Anglian conservatory verandah you will be nicely sheltered from any falling snow! It doesn’t take long to cook so you shouldn’t get too cold standing out there. You can oven cook it if you prepare though, but I preferred to use the BBQ as it adds that smokey taste to the already delicious fish.

I hope this has given you a few ideas, and have a perfect Christmas dinner!

Another joke from John to brighten your day!

Where do Lewis Hamilton’s Christmas presents come from?


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