Introducing the Good Neighbours Quiz: How Do You Measure Up?

By on 1st February in Featured, Fun

Do you live in a close-knit community? Consider yourself one of the friendlier neighbours on your street? Or maybe you need a little direction on how to be more welcoming? Either way, from lending the family next door a cup of sugar to watching your neighbour across the road’s house while they’re away, you can suss out your place in the local community with Anglian’s new quiz.

As a nation of long-standing traditionalists, we wanted to see whether the neighbourly spirit is still alive and well in today’s society, so we conducted a survey* to find out. We asked the nation just how far they’d go for their neighbours and received some pretty interesting results!

Our research showed us that most people would carry out small gestures of kindness for their neighbours, such as taking out their bin (53.1% of respondents would), watching their house while they’re away (53.9%) and receiving a delivery for them (67.5%). However, bigger tasks such as babysitting children were not so popular (19.7% of respondents would) whereas watching pets seemed to be more likely (34.2%)!

The survey also asked respondents whether they’d carry out slightly more arduous tasks for those living close by. Only 12.1% of people said they’d cook their neighbour Sunday dinner, while just 13.6% said they’d help them decorate.

It seems to us that the great neighbourly nation of the UK is still going strong, to a certain extent! Being neighbourly appears to be fairly common practice, but requests above and beyond the call of community duty are perhaps dwindling. Why not put your great neighbour skills to the test with our new quiz? Simply answer the questions and allocate yourself points for each task you would carry out for your neighbours. Tot up your total and check the results section to see if you’re more of a top neighbour, or just the stranger next door!

Anglian's Good Neighbours quiz
*The Leadership Factor polled 2,015 UK adults on behalf of Anglian Home Improvements

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