Housing an exotic pet is not how to use your spare room

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Those of us that have a spare room probably know many ways that we would like to use it, but how many of us have actually achieved this desire? I for one have not yet achieved my ideal spare room, as you will find out, as I look at the unusual ways our spare rooms are actually used.

A Floordrobe

What’s a floordrobe you ask? Well, it is something I have to deal with on a daily basis! Instead of using a wardrobe, you simply throw your clothes on the floor, creating a dumping ground of tops, trousers and socks, so many socks! I am not sure if this is a male (I’m thinking Kevin from The Harry Enfield Show) or female trait, but in my house, it is the latter. If you have to deal with one of these on a daily basis, let me know.

Floordrobe by Nicki Varkevisser Flickr

Meth Lab

Any Breaking Bad fans out there? The TV show may have been great, but doing it in real life isn’t the most intellectual way to use your spare room. As the show portrays it is dangerous, not to mention ILLEGAL! There’s definitely better ways to use that room.

Breaking Bad Doug Kilne Flickr

Band practice

Sure, we all want to be a rock star, pop star or rap star, but doing it in your spare room, irritating the neighbours and creating havoc like the intro to Michael Jackson’s Black or White video is not cool.

Unless you have sound-proofed the room and installed sound reducing double glazing, it’s probably not a good idea to get the band round for a jam.


Having a room full of collectables is awesome, it shows your personality and may even be a hobby, but hoarding things because “they may come in handy” can lead to a room full of junk.

A recent article on Nautilus suggested this could just be down to nature and instinct. There has been cases where animals have hoarded items for no apparent reason; the example used in this article is an eagle that kept dog and cat collars after eating them. There’s no apparent reason for the eagle keeping them.

Channel 4 filmed an extreme circumstance where Richard Wallaces’ entire house was filled with random bits and bobs such as newspapers, broken umbrellas, pots, pans and even empty fizzy pop bottles. The entire house was taken up by what some might consider junk, but is this just his natural instinct on overdrive?

A tidy home means tidy mind. Make it a relaxation room to gather your thoughts, not miscellaneous items.

Cluttered room DavidD Flickr

An exotic pet room

People have all sorts of exotic pets nowadays from snakes and spiders to llamas and alpacas, but some people have been known to get a bit carried away with their pets.

Close-up spider giovzaid85 Flickr

Ming of Harlem made quite a stir in New York 2003. A man was taken to hospital with wide, deep bite marks in his thigh, claiming to have been bitten by his pit bull. However, staff were suspicious and sent police to his apartment. When they heard growling from inside the apartment, they decided to get an Animal Control Team involved. On entering they found Ming, a young tiger and Al an alligator, both being brought up in spare rooms!

Not put off? A man in Germany died after being bitten by his pet Black Widow spider. A lady from North College Hill, USA was killed by her Viper. Two men in America kept big cats at their homes; one had a Siberian tiger, the other an African lion…there’s only one outcome for these two.

All these stories here.

Whatever you do try not to have a spare room like these ones! Make the most of the extra space with these fantastic ideas. (Link to How to use your spare room)

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