Energy Saving Tip Competition Winners

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In November, we asked you for energy saving tips and we’d pick 3 of our favourites to win £100 John Lewis vouchers. The time has come and after reading through all of your fantastic entries (we really were overwhelmed with the amount of tips you guys have!), we have decided on our winners.

Congratulations Theresa Marland, Claire Barker and Kelly McPheat! Your energy saving tips are really great and can be easily done by everyone.

Theresa Marland – “Using a slow cooker is a good way to save money, they use just a little more energy than a light bulb, but microwaves are the most efficient so you might like to consider ‘par-cooking’ in the microwave before browning/crisping in the oven. A pressure cooker is another way to save energy in the kitchen (they also claim to save nutrients). Another possible way to save energy in the kitchen is to invest in a fridge thermometer to check that your fridge and freezers are running at the correct temperatures. Most people are aware that they can save energy by turning their heating down a few degrees, but not everyone remembers that the same principle applies to turning their cooling down!”

Claire Barker – “If you have spaces in your freezer, fill them with pieces of polystyrene packaging so that the freezer isn’t wasting energy on cooling the gaps 🙂 ”

Kelly McPheat – “Teach your children to ‘turn it off’ as soon as they are old enough to turn something on. Lights Tv’s sockets son is 10 and learned this when he was about 4 or 5. No lights or electrical are left on unless he is using them. #Energysavingtips”

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These 3 energy saving tips were brilliant, but that doesn’t mean any of the other hundreds of tips we received weren’t useful either. Below are a few more energy saving tips that were popular entries.

  • Turning everything off properly – lights, TVs, microwaves, ovens, games consoles, radios, chargers and a whole plethora of other gizmos and gadgets.
  • Turning the heating down.
  • Turning the oven off just before the food is cooked – the heat is retained and continues cooking even without the oven being on.
  • Blankets, extra layers or just cuddling with a loved one or a pet.
  • Energy saving light bulbs.
  • Timers on heating and electrical appliances.
  • New double glazing.
  • A++ appliances.
  • Putting foil behind radiators.
  • Get draught excluders.
  • Have shorter showers
  • Fill the kettle up with as much water as you need.
  • Get battery powered Christmas lights.
  • Put a lid on your saucepans when cooking.
  • Insulate your home, including the loft hatch/door.
  • Leave the oven door open when you’re finished cooking.
  • Use a slowcooker.

Comical responses:

  • Tony Vincent Martin – “Get the other half to do it.”
  • Amy Lou – “Ditch the house, live in a tent #backtobasics”
  • Jeff Shaw – “Move to Spain or Italy where it’s warmer…”
  • Julie Richardson – “Plenty of hot homemade soup. Personal central heating! then put feet on the hubby in bed.”

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