BESW Giveaway and a chance to win £7,000 worth of Windows

By on 22nd October in Fun

As some of you may be aware, this week is Big Energy Saving Week (BESW).

This is a week for saving energy; you could do it by lift sharing or cycling to work, buying energy efficient light bulbs for your home or by turning your thermostat down a degree and putting on an extra jumper.

However, we are offering you a chance to improve your home’s energy efficiency with some brand spanking new EcoGain windows from Anglian. All week we want to hear about your ideas, gadgets, designs or any useful hints you have to be energy efficient, and you could win windows to the value of £7,000 for your home.

Big Energy Saving Week

Big Energy Saving Week

The more creative and unusual your ideas are, the better! Your idea doesn’t have to be in writing either; it could be a drawing or a photograph of your new homemade gadget or you could keep it simple and tell us in a tweet. Whatever your idea is, we want to know about it!

To enter the competition and be in with a chance of winning simply share your cost-efficient energy-saving tip with us on either Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or as a comment on our blog!

How to enter:

* On Twitter: A tweet to @anglianhome with the hashtag #BESW

* On Pinterest: An image or video pin with the hashtag #BESW & in the caption ‘Anglian Home Improvements’.

* On Google+ : A post, image or video shared with us on the Anglian Google+ page with the hashtag #BESW.

* On the Blog: You can enter right here on the blog by posting your energy-saving tip as a comment with the reference #BESW.

Our advice on how to win!

We would love to see an energy-saving tip that is creatively shared, original and most importantly, useful! It can be an idea, gadget or design; if we like your entry it will be shared on the blog throughout the week.

Daily Energy Saving Giveaways

Not only do you have a chance of winning £7,000 worth of Anglian’s double glazed windows, you also could win an energy saving pack every day of BESW. We will be selecting 5 entrants each day to win one of these packs, so keep an eye on the blog to see if your idea was good enough.

The winner of the grand prize will be announced the week following Big Energy Saving Week and the winner will be showcased on our website.

For full terms and conditions visit the website here.

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