£5000 to make your house feel like a home?

By on 14th November in Fun

The Daily Mail recently featured an interesting survey, which discovered the exact amount of time before we feel our new house is a home and how much we have to spend to achieve the intrinsic rewards.

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Now, having recently moved house, I can sympathise with a lot of these statistics and understand why the majority of people feel thye need to put their own stamp on the house to make it feel more like home. Also, living in a house during certain periods of time such as Christmas and birthdays helps, whilst renovating rooms and supposedly having at least 6 picture frames on the walls can boost the feeling too.

Having only lived at my new address for four months, we are still getting the previous tenants’ post, which makes 40 of us feel like we are living in somebody else’s house. According to the survey it takes 17 months and 12 days before our house is a home, so I still have a fair amount of time to get improving my house to make it homely. On average, we spend £5,000 doing up our houses; it could be a Den, a new kitchen, extending or adding a room, new double glazing, decorating each room, fitting a new bathroom or relaying the driveway.

Although we appear keen to make our houses homes, 28 of us still haven’t unpacked completely, suggesting we may not settle for what we have and moving could be imminent; another fact I can sympathise with, as I still have numerous boxes laying around the house! Having boxes around the house will obviously detract from the homely feel we all crave.

We are a country of renovators and decorating enthusiasts, each with our own unique style that we must portray on the canvas that is our house. To help you on your quest to making the perfect home, here is the top 10 list of things to do in your new house to make it feel like a home;

1 – Paint each room

2 – Lay new carpets

3 – Do up the bathroom

4 – Rip out the kitchen

5 – Fit new double glazing

6 – New front door

7 – Renovate the garden

8 – New driveway

9 – Adding a Den

10 – Extending/adding a room

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