Big Energy Saving Week – Check

By on 26th October in Eco Living, Featured

All this week, companies across the UK are teaming up with the Energy Saving Trust and Department of Energy and Climate Control (DECC) for Big Energy Saving Week, spreading the word about how to save energy in our homes.

We thought we’d share the main messaging about Big Energy Saving Week (BESW), sharing 3 articles this week with lots of hints, tips and advice. Today we will cover the ‘Check’ phase of BESW- make sure you visit later in the week for the next phases of your energy saving week.


It’s pretty self explanatory, but you need to make sure you’re checking your energy bills often. You never know what deals you could be missing or if you’re paying too much! If you’re unsure of what you’re paying or if you’re paying too much, give your supplier or Citizen’s Advice a call.

Research carried out earlier in the year discovered millions of homes are paying over the odds for their energy. The study found there are fixed deals available for under £900 a year for the average household, so if you need to check what you’re paying!

The Big 6 tariffs at the time of the investigation were all around 5% more expensive than they should’ve been. On top of this, the research found that 70% of customers on the standard rate tariffs were ‘disengaged’ from the energy sector, possibly the reason why so many people were paying more than they could.

Other things you should be checking are government grants. There are grants such as the Cold Weather Payments, Winter Fuel Payment and the Warm Home Discount Scheme as well as there being grants to help you pay off energy debts.

For more information about energy bill grants, visit Citizens Advice.

Tip of the Day

Switching your TV off instead of leaving it on standby will save you £30 a year


Turn it off – Turning your TV off properly instead of leaving it on standby will save you around £30 a year!

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Join us Wednesday as we look at the next phase – Switch.

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