How to Create the Ultimate Bachelor Pad


Your home is your sanctuary and for the modern-day bachelor it’s no different. A bachelor pad was typically associated with unclean, unkempt minimalistic living… but not any more!

In modern days, bachelor pads are much more about liveable, classy, stylish spaces that make the most of minimalism and gadgetry. It’s also about showing off the modern man’s personality, hobbies and style while maintaining it as an easy-to-clean, easy-to-live home.

So how do you create the ultimate bachelor pad?

1. Decide on the function

Is this going to be a weekend getaway? Will you entertain here? If you’ll be inviting guests you need to ensure you plan your home décor to include an entertaining space. Will you be working from home or is it going to simply be a place to rest your head?

World maps can help create an expensive looking bachelor pad

2. Decide on your colour scheme

Bachelor pads have typically always been about hues of navy, dramatic blacks and cool greys but now’s the perfect time to ditch the cliché’s as many bachelors are switching up their colour schemes and branching out into the world of colour.

Stick to neutral shades with bursts of bright colours – racecar red, royal blue and maybe a slice of emerald green! For the bedroom? What’s better than getting into a bed of crisp, white sheets?

To introduce masculinity, think about exposed brickwork, industrial shelving or some warm mahogany tones in the form of a leather armchair or lampshade.

3. Think carefully about your seating

Your seating choices will be the centrepiece of any living space so think carefully before you commit to buy. A racecar red leather settee may have been ‘in’ a few years ago but now will look terribly dated and it will be difficult to accessorise around it.

Whilst leather has always been a firm favourite with bachelors around the world, consider a fabric sofa in a muted colour customised with some tartan or plaid cushions to bring in a masculine identity.

Chesterfield sofas are typically seen as ‘gentleman’s club’ seating and can enhance a high-end effect within your living area. Additionally, Chesterfield’s, whilst previously only available in leather, now come in a wide variety of fabrics including velvet which could be one to consider (especially if you have pets!).

For the leather lovers out there, you can still incorporate leather in the form of an armchair or ottoman which will complement your main couch and will create an eye-catching statement piece.

Manly bedroom

4. Go, go gadget

No bachelor pad is complete without gadgets. From the huge LCD TV to the surround sound, bring the 21st century into your home with the use of gadgets. Consider LCD strip lighting along the stairway to introduce a hi-tech theme which can illuminate and accentuate the space.

If you’ve got space for a pool table, go ahead! If not, a Segway or hover board will do. With gadgets, the world is your oyster!

But! Aim to keep your TV out of your bedroom – it’s better suited to your living space rather than sleeping space.

5. Don’t forget the artwork!

Whether it’s an arty bicycle attached to the exposed brick walls or a collection of your favourite music, make sure that any artwork gives off a reflection of yourself.

To bring your bachelor pad out of the university-dorm vibe and provide a high-end feel, ensure you frame your artwork before hanging for that extra touch of refinement.

How have you decorated your bachelor pad? We’d love to hear from you so leave a comment or get in touch via Twitter or Facebook.

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