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The Construction Products Association (CPA) has urged the government to reduce the VAT payable on energy efficient home improvements. The chairman of the association, Bill Bolsover, said that the government’s ‘Green Deal’ needs to be at the heart of any local business agenda.

Energy efficiency is a big part of the government’s plans to make the UK a low carbon emitting country, so reducing the VAT on double glazed windows and cavity wall insulation would be more easily accessible for companies. These savings could then be passed on to the customers who are in need of improving their homes.

“Reducing VAT on these kinds of products would, at a single stroke, stimulate the take up of a key government policy and drive forward economic growth through the economic activity and jobs it would create,” MR Bolsover explained.

The VAT is currently at 20, but a reduction to 15 would save you a lot of money, not only on the initial installation, but also from the benefits  to your home.

Recently the National Landlords Association chairman David Salusbury claimed that the government needed to take stronger action to ensure the UK’s existing housing stock was made more energy efficient, sharing the benefits with residents in all types of houses, through cheaper bills and reduced carbon emissions.

Energy efficient technologies should be installed in houses old and new, just because your house is too old or too new, there are still ways to improve your homes efficiency, so take advantage now and reap the savings possible!

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