Valentine’s Incentive – Story 13

By on 10th February in Our Company News

As it’s valentines day, I shall do my story via the medium of poetry as it seems appropriate.

My name is Toby Lerone and here is my story

I once dated a lass, who I’ll refer to as Jenny

And one valentines day I hadn’t a penny

And knowing that she had a big thing for roses

I filled up her bedroom with her favourite proses

With flowers and petals did her bed I adorn,

But they came from the garden and so had many thorns!

So later that night love’s passion did ensue,

And onto the bed, poor Jenny I threw,

She was not best pleased and jumped up to the floor,

For the thorns were not kind and her behind was raw!

And scratches and scathes were all over her botty

She was not amused in fact she was quite potty

No kisses or cuddles did I get later on,

No, the only contact was to smear on Savlon,

And thus comes the moral of my tale that I tell,

That a rose between thorns can turn out to be hell.

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