Unique thermal view website highlights energy efficiency in Ipswich homes


Press Release

Anglian Home Improvements is undertaking an unique venture, the Thermal Homes Survey, designed to allow householders to see how energy efficient or inefficient their homes are.

Thermal Home Survey

The survey uses infra red imaging to detect the amount of energy lost in each property. The thermal imaging trial has taken thousands of images of homes across Ipswich and will be available to view on www.thermalhomesurvey.com

www.thermalhomesurvey.com explains how each image can be interpreted and offers energy efficient solutions   for properties. Ipswich is being trialled as the first town to undergo the Thermal Homes Survey in the UK.

To combat climate change, the UK Government has set a target of reducing CO2 levels by 30 by 2030. The survey provides people with information about their properties they have previously had no exposure to and it is hoped that once the energy efficiencies of each home are made available homeowners will be prompted into taking action.

The average UK household loses around £280 worth of energy a year – every year. Much of this energy is wasted through poorly insulated windows which not only leak heat, but also money, which is bad for the consumer pocket as well as the UK’s carbon footprint.

Commenting on the survey, David Pitt, product manager from Anglian Home Improvements said, “What we have found from previous research is that people are heating the streets instead of their homes – a fact many home owners seem oblivious to. By making the normally invisible, visible we can physically show how much energy is lost through the home. We hope to prompt people into taking action and creating more energy efficient homes across the UK, starting in Ipswich.

“The Thermal Home Survey is designed to show how much energy is wasted through poorly insulated homes. We are trialling this website initially in Ipswich to gage people’s reactions to this unique service, if successful our aim is to roll the thermal homes survey across the rest of the UK.”

Check your homes efficiency in Ipswich

To view Anglian Home Improvements thermal homes survey of Ipswich go to www.thermalhomesurvey.com

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