Unique Garage Conversion


A previous Anglian customer is a fashion designer, creating her own clothing lines from home, when her one-off designs made her highly sought after, leading to her needing to expand to maintain the growth of her fashion business!

She loved working from home as when you have children there is no worry about being home in time to cook dinner or taking her daughter to after school classes. This suited her perfectly, only problem was she couldn’t bring clients into her home when her children had left toys everywhere or if there was washing up still sat there.

The customer specialises in creating bespoke occasion wear and wedding dresses, so she decided to convert her garage into a fashion studio! “I love working from home – I’m a single mum and it suits me. My business was growing, but every time a client came around I had to clear up and put all my work away. Then I would have to get it all out afterwards,” she said.

Working from home had been fine when her fashion design was just a hobby, but that all changed when she displayed one of her designs. As word spread of her unique designs, she began getting commissioned to create similar one-off pieces. As the order books grew, so did her demand for a bigger work space.

She decided to convert her garage into a studio, leaving her original room for the creation and the garage conversion for meeting clients. After looking around for a reputable company to do the conversion, she decided to use Anglian Home Improvements, and hasn’t looked back since! “Before, my garage was full of junk. Now I’m making much better use of a space I already had,” says the customer.

The conversion has transformed her junk filled garage into a sophisticated, spacious studio, ideal for displaying latest designs and letting the client explain their ideas.

She displays examples of her work on tailors’ dummies and has a comfortable antique chair for customers to sit, have a coffee and let their creative juices flow.

“My new studio looks nothing like a garage and the professional impression is absolutely priceless,” said the very pleased Anglian customer.

What a clever way to convert your garage! When I get a garage I will convert it into a gaming room, with a mini bar I think. 🙂

Have you had a garage conversion recently? What did you convert it into and how has it changed your home? Let us know…

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