Turning up your heating? Double Glazing will cut energy costs on winter nights

By on 7th January in Our Company News

As the cold snap hits the UK many homes turn up their heating to counter the unprecedented cold grip we find ourselves in. Much of a home’s heat can be lost through single glazed windows . This can be fixed with replacement windows such as double glazing.

Snow conditions

The Daily Telegraph has recommended that people install energy efficient double glazing to stop energy loss in the cold winters. According to the newspaper, a large amount of a home’s heat escapes through single-paned windows, leading to increased costs to heat the home.

“While investing in double glazing is expensive, much of your heat escapes through single-paned windows on dark cold nights…” the newspaper stated in its list of top 25 things to do to save energy.

It added that a cheaper, interim measure that can be taken is to fit curtains with interlining will stop some energy loss before the new windows are fitted.

Anglian Home Improvements have also launched their own Anglian National Window Scrappage Schemewhere you can replace your old inefficient windows for new efficient double glazing with upto £2000 off.

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