The Olympic Opening Ceremony

By on 30th July in Our Company News

After an exciting day in the office with Anglian Home Improvement’s very own Olympic torch relay, everyone was eagerly awaiting the Opening Ceremony kicking of at 9pm. Billions of people tuned in to see the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, which was directed by legendary British director, Danny Boyle, who had a budget of £27 million to create a bold, exciting and emotional beginning to the games.

This show was made to mark not only the opening of the Olympics, but to demonstrate what a great nation we are. The ceremony highlighted the country’s progress, it showed the highs and lows and most of all it shared our culture with the whole world, giving a fair and friendly view of what Britain is all about.

Even one of the most famous attributes of Great Britain, the Queen herself was a key feature of the show, parachuting from a helicopter with an equally memorable character from England, James Bond. Her Majesty is such an icon of Britain she had to be involved in the ceremony and even had a go at acting in a comedy sketch with Daniel Craig as James Bond, performed in Buckingham Palace before they made their heroic flight over the stadium.

James Bond and the Queen stuntmen before they jumped out of the helicopterImage sourced – @EllaMcsweeney

The music was loud and the lights were dazzlingly bright, it reminded me of E.T running towards his spaceship, as Danny Boyle took us for a trip from the Industrial Revolution. Whilst the drums banged emphatically, smoke rose from beneath the fields of rural Britain and chimneys slowly rose from the ground, and the Olympic rings rose and hovered with a fiery glow.

Olympic rings in the sky - sourced –

The NHS was celebrated by Danny Boyle in this ceremony representing modern Britain at its best, offering healthcare to everyone. Hundreds of NHS staff were dressed in old style doctors and nurses outfits pushing iron beds around the arena until they were positioned into the letters NHS and GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital).

My favourite part of the show (except for the spectacular fireworks) was when a love story was acted out by a talented group of dancers to popular soundtracks from the 1950’s to present day before the couple embraced in the centre of the arena. There were performances from the Sex Pistols, Dizzee Rascal and Emeli Sandé gave a ghostly, tear-jerking rendition of Abide with Me as pictures of faces of friends and family who have passed away appeared and faded on the screens, all of which were sent in by the spectators.

The final question on everyone’s mind, after the 90 minutes of countries marching around the stadium, was who would light the flame? In a truly classic Bond style, David Beckham drove a speedboat along the Thames with the Olympic torch before passing it on to Steve Redgrave, who then handed it to seven young athletes who carried the flame to a giant ring of copper petals, which each team had marched around the arena. Each of the 200 copper petals ignited creating one gigantic flame.

Danny Boyle had done it without any hiccups along the way; we as a country are now confident that it was going to be a memorable tournament and it will run without too many glitches. The Olympics had kicked off in a spectacular fashion and represented Britain emphatically; hopefully all the athletes can do the same and win gold for their proud nation.

I spoke to Katie Vause, a teacher from Lincoln Castle Academy, who was a part of the opening ceremony with her students. They all had a fabulous time and everyone was thrilled to meet one of the world’s fastest men – Usain Bolt.

“As a reward for all out hard work with the National Get Set Educational programme eight students from Lincoln Castle Academy were invited to be a part of a Guard of Honour to welcome all the athletes from the 204 countries competing at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Only 250 schools were chosen from across the country – the lucky students were invited down to the Olympic Park for an exclusive tour of all the sites plus the once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of the amazing Opening Ceremony Celebrations. It truly was a remarkable and memorable day especially when Team GB arrived!”

Lincoln Castle Academy students

What did you think of the opening ceremony? We would love to see your pictures from not just the ceremony, but also any events you have attended too. Send them in to [email protected] and they could be used in the next blog post.

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