South Africa 2010 kicks off this Friday!


If you didn’t know that South Africa 2010 kicks off tomorrow you must have been reading a very good novel!  The sheer magnitude of the event coupled with the unprecedented  media coverage has made South Africa 2010 one of the biggest sporting events of all time.

Fans will be packing out the stadiums in South Africa 2010

Turn the radio on, TV, or log onto your new shiny Ipad and within seconds you become overwhelmed and inundated by World Cup content from the smallest marketing gimmicks to full on campaign.

World Cup fever has also crept its way into the Anglian Call Centre where management and staff alike have got into the spirit of South Africa 2010.

Desks have been decorated with the participating nation’s flags, colours and stats! Special football themed dress down days are planned throughout the World Cup with proceeds going to charity.

With around 30 days of international football kicking off this Friday it will be 4 weeks of sporting drama to remember. This Saturday at 7.30pm myself and probably most of the country will be supporting England and hoping they go all the way!

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