Sally Gunnell’s Build Up To Christmas

By on 6th December in Our Company News

Anglian Home Improvements are lucky enough to have Olympic heroine, Sally Gunnell, telling us about the build up to Christmas. Here is what she had to say…

I’ve had the most amazing month. There’s so much to tell you that I don’t think the blog can take it all!  I am travelling to Berlin soon and I’m very excited about visiting the Olympic Stadium over there.  The comparison between “new and old” will be interesting, because as you can imagine, I’ve spent a fair amount of time at Stratford lately, where our state-of-the art Olympic Park is close to being ready.

You might have heard Jess Ennis talking about how much her body hurts on a Monday morning at the moment.  While we’re all thinking about the Olympics, she’s living it in her training.  This is probably the hardest time for the athletes; seven months to go and a massive pile of strength and conditioning work to do before the spring.  For “strength and conditioning work”, think “horrendously hard, lung bursting track sessions with sweaty weight work in the gym thrown in”! Mindset is key at this stage.

I was delighted to see that we’ll keep the 2012 momentum going, thanks to the awarding of the 2017 World Athletics Championships to London.  We have some very prestigious events on the horizon after the Olympics; the Rugby League and Rugby Union World Cups are among them…if we could just get the football World Cup as well…

I went out to Ethiopia for the weekend.  I know that sounds a bit crazy, but that’s how it was!  I was taking part in a 10k run around Addis Ababa, the capital.  There were 36,000 of us crammed on to the pothole-ridden streets, all in our red T-shirts.  When I say a 10k run, I really mean a 10k shuffle.  There were bands along the route and competitors thought nothing of stopping and having a good old boogie.  Of course, I just joined in; it was great fun.  Now I’ve done a few runs in my time, but I can safely say I’ve never run with a donkey before.  I have a funny feeling that there’d be a Health and Safety rule about that here in the UK.

I got to see some of the outlying countryside when I travelled with Action Aid  to see their work.  I saw health centres and a high school; these projects bring health and education closer to people.  I met people who previously had to walk for three hours to get to a clinic before Action Aid came in.  Now, they can be there in about an hour.  When you’re ill, that makes a big difference.

The Olympics are already inspiring so many people and organisations.  I’ve been doing a lot of work to support healthy living initiatives of one kind or another.  I was with Aviva recently, looking at how to develop resilience through a combination of nutrition and exercise.  The economic climate being what it is, I think we can all see that we’ll be working harder to stay ahead, which in turn means we need to look after ourselves more.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas with your friends and family; I’m sure you all deserve the break that’s coming…

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