Sally Gunnell Watches Chris Hoy Victory

By on 16th March in Our Company News

With the Olympic games approaching, Anglian Home Improvements are gearing up to cheer the nation as is Olympic heroine Sally Gunnell who has written us this blog about Healthy Living, her training and the Olympic games.

The nights are drawing out and I love it.  Getting up in daylight (even if it’s only just breaking) is much easier than trying to rouse yourself in the dark.  Spring is coming!

Since I last wrote to you, I’ve been up to the Olympic Velodrome with the family.  They were running a World Cup event and I thought I’d fork out and take the boys along.  It was worth every penny.  What a fantastic building it is!  The wood, the lines; it just works so well.  It was packed with noisy fans and the atmosphere was electric.  All the big names were there and when Chris Hoy stormed to victory, the whole place went in to raptures.

The excitement of the races was only part of the story.  I was fascinated to watch the riders in the centre of the track, as they prepared for a race or warmed down afterwards.  In my sport, everything other than the race itself is hidden away; cycling seems to be the opposite.  For anybody interested in the “behind the scenes” parts of sport, I thoroughly recommend a visit to a velodrome event.

Cycling is obviously one of the highest profile Olympic events, but there are so many others.  A good car-journey game for the kids is “Name as many Olympic events as you can”.  There are more than you think!  Check out the Olympic website for a full list before you set off on your next family road trip!

Talking of lesser-known Olympic sports, I ran a Healthy Living day last week for a business customer.  We brought along experts from a number of sports; Archery, Taekwondo, Fencing, Table Tennis and Handball, plus all the gear so that people could try them all out.  The experts gave some instruction in the basics that people needed to get going and that was it; off they went.  The most reported word on the feedback forms was “fun” and I always reckon that if exercise is fun, it feels less like exercise!

I’ve spoken to so many business people over the years who are busy, stressed and tired.  It can be very difficult to break free from a cycle of heavy workload and a lack of time.  I’ve found that Healthy Living days really galvanize and inspire people; they can just turn up and try a range of sports they might never normally consider.  Many of them make a decision there and then to ensure they plan exercise time in to their schedules.  This is about the best time of year to get started; improving weather, longer days; why not give it a try?

If you’re reading this and thinking “I really could do with getting myself going”, why not Anglian your local sports centre and see what sessions they have going on there?  There’s no time like the present!

See you next month!

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