Sally Gunnell Excited For Olympics!

By on 13th January in Our Company News

Anglian Home Improvements are sponsoring some of the Olympics greatest talents, including Sally Gunnell. Here is her latest blog about how hyped she is about the Olympics taking place this year!

Happy New Year to you all!  What a difference it makes when you start writing 2012 as the date.  After about 7 years of waiting, we’re in Olympic Year!  It’s so exciting.  I normally find January feels a little flat after all the fun of Christmas, but not this year.  We’re counting down to London and it’s going to be fantastic!
My diary’s completely crammed with appointments from now on; I’ll be here, there and everywhere as Olympic fever builds.  I’ll keep you in the loop with any interesting Olympic bits and pieces that I come across as I fly about the place.  I remember reading that after the Sydney Olympics in 2000, some people needed counselling to recover.  For the first time, I can understand why; it’s going to dominate my life as well as many others’ for the bulk of this year.

A big hello to those of you I met in Berlin.  What a great weekend!  We had time to catch up, chat and get to know each other; as a nosey type, there’s nothing I like better than meeting new people, so I was happy.  I’d been looking forward to visiting the Berlin 1930’s Olympic sites (they used the stadium for the World Championships last year as well).  I wasn’t disappointed.  There’s something very special about Olympic venues; almost like some of the magic dust remains there afterwards.  I guess the blue track wasn’t there back in the day, but it looked very good.  So good, that there was plenty of talk about doing some racing on it.  Happily for me, we weren’t allowed to use it, so no chance of embarrassment!
At the risk of being slightly morbid, I found it fascinating to visit the car park where Hitler’s bunker had stood (and where he killed himself at the end of the Second World War).  Today, it might be no more than a convenient place for shoppers and commuters to leave their vehicles, but it was quite something to stand there and imagine one of the most notorious leaders of all time coordinating the bloodshed.  Overall, I thought Berlin was a vibrant, positive and colourful place; whatever its past, the future looks rosy.

I hope you were all able to enjoy some rest over the festive period.  I managed to leave the car keys alone for a while and re-charge the batteries, holed up with my family.  I find it much easier to pick myself up and go again if I’ve had some time out.  A fresh mind is easier to re-focus than a tired one.  And it’s the same with the body, so I’m getting back down to some decent training after a slightly “relaxed” December!  It feels good to be back out there, but there’s some work to do to shift those unwanted Christmas pounds.  I’ve got my challenges planned for this year and they’ll keep me focused for the remainder of the winter; more about those challenges in my next blogs.

Catch you next month!

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