Anglian introduce a traditional range of guttering and downpipes


OK, so it may not be the most exciting product, but after your feedback to our staff we have decided to introduce a new type of guttering and downpipe to complement our existing range.

Anglian Traditional guttering and downpipe

We currently offer you our uPVC Classic Rooftrim, available in a range of styles and colours, complete with a 10 year guarantee. We also offer you the Heritage range, which is made of a lightweight aluminium, available in a range of powder coated colours and also a 10 year guarantee. The Heritage range also offers the look of solid cast iron guttering, much like our new Traditional range.

The new addition to the Anglian Rooftrim family is the Traditional range of guttering and downpipes are made from high performing and durable uPVC, but capturing the beauty of cast iron. This authentic finish gives you an economical alternative to true cast iron, complementing Victorian, Georgian and Grade II properties effortlessly.

Traditional Hopper

It is manufactured from strong and lightweight uPVC, meaning it will not require painting, nor will it corrode. After undergoing intensive tests, we have managed to create guttering and downpipes that will not fade in colour and the low solvent paint coating maintains the superb performance of uPVC. This paint also helps prevent scratches.

At Anglian we pride ourselves for our ‘fit and forget’ roof products and how low maintenance they are, giving you time back to spend doing more entertaining things than stripping and painting fascias and the like. To help you further, we have created a bird comb as part of our Eaves Shield system. This system prevents rainwater draining onto the rafters, letting it gently flow down the gutter instead. To prevent birds nesting in your rafters, the Eaves Shield uses flexible tines that are compressed under the roof tiles, moulding to the shape and preventing birds from nesting, but still providing ventilation.

Finally, Anglian’s Gutterguard, a mesh that sits on top of the guttering, stops leaves and debris from falling into the gutter and clogging up the downpipe. This mesh is permeable, allowing water to freely run through it, which means you no longer have to get out a ladder and clear the gutters. Helpful ay?

Traditional guttering finished look

Although this technology prevents birds from having a home, we do want to help British birds. This is why we have created this bird infographic, giving you ways to encourage birds to feed and live in your garden.

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