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By on 23rd February in Our Company News

Anglian Home Improvements are the official sponsors of Premier League In A Day, and Anglian’s Ian Major, the regional sales manager for east coast, is in charge of his own QPR team for the day.

I asked Ian a few questions about how he thought his team would get on in the competition, what his game plan was and who is his key player to help him win the tournament.

Ian has high confidence in his team doing well in this tournament, and when asked if he believes they can win the competition he simply responded, “Oh yes we do!”

“Rotation will be a key feature of this tournament, who goes on and comes off will be down to the manager, who is one of our secret weapons as he used to manage a semi-professional football team,” he continued.

Ian is very sure of the tactics he will use for the early part of the tournament, playing what he and the manager think is their strongest squad to get points on the board early. After that it will be a simple rotation between 2 teams of players to rack up the points and hopefully win the league. Impact substitutes will play a big part of this game plan, as well as a few special guests who will add some spark to their team.

When I asked who he thought would be their key player, Ian responded, “I don’t want to say any names, but we have one guy who plays veteran football and is still scoring goals from midfield.” The only name I have for this player is “The Enforcer.”

Major then went on to talk about the last Premier League In A Day and how he was one of a few players who participated in 30 games or more. However, that was 2 years ago and Ian’s knees have always been a problem for him, so he will be hitting the gym to strengthen the muscles and bones, and prepare him for one of the most energy draining days you could ever imagine.

If you want to donate to the Premier League in a Day teams follow this link.

Ian Major's Arsenal team from 2 years ago

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