Premier League in a Day – Aston Villa

By on 20th February in Our Company News

The Marketing Department’s staff are getting themselves ready to welcome the teams for Premier League in a Day, being held on Saturday 17th March 2012 at the Football and Development Centre in Bowthorpe, Norwich.

We thought it would be nice to tell you about all of the teams entering and to see if there were any strategies already set and rivalries rekindled after the last event.  We were so pleased to hear from a number of you that its “Game On”

For my first report I contacted one of our Anglian Home Improvement teams, Aston Villa managed by  Nick Eddington and asked him for his thoughts on the lead up to the event:-

What is your Team? ASTON VILLA

Who is the Captain? Nick Eddington

What do your team member do for Anglian Home Improvements?
The team will be made up of Sales and marketing staff from the Sutton Coldfield and Promar Offices and a Surveyor from the Central region.

How are you going to rotate the squad? A series of old games, musical chairs and ring-a-ring a roses

Who is your key player? Anyone that can run 5 yards

Do you have tactics or a plan for the day? Survival only, average age 40

Why do you think you’ll be the winners? Who said anything about winning LOL J

What are the similarities between you and the real Aston Villa? Yes, overpaid, used to be good, image is everything!

Do you have a Mascot? RADOX!

Last event the Aston Villa team

If  you would like to donate to this great cause please click here.

Good Luck to you all for the great day!

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