Paddling Bobby’s don’t quite make the finish


Following a nerve racking eight month build up to the Canoeing challenge of the year from Devises to Westminster,  Bobby on a Bike duo, Neil Smith and Rob Bryan were unable to complete the challenge due to an unfortunate injury.

After 10 long hours of  paddling,  negotiating portages and other competitors, Neil suffered from back pain and a bad strain, which prevented him sitting correctly in the kayake.

Once they had reached Aldermaston, desperately disappointed Neil took the decision not to continue.  He said he was totally, utterly and unquestionably gutted!!  He never expected that they would not make it to the finish,  nor did he expect to have to retire from the race so early!

Neil in Rob in the boat on the right

Neil and Rob in the white Kayak under the bunting

To read about the lead up to the challenge and his feelings afterwards please go to Neil’s DW 2012 short story

However, Neil and Rob have already discussed their training schedule for next year and have vowed to complete the challenge in 2013.

If you have been following the story you may have read from previous blogs, Neil and Rob now have a few days rest before getting back on their bikes for their next challenge, this years Bobby on a Bike starting on the 27th May from Aldebugh in Suffolk.






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